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Our Strategy

A traditional marketing strategy works by promoting a service in a way that reaches as many people as possible. For example, an advert during prime-time TV, or a billboard in a busy shopping area. The aim is that people will notice and remember it and in the future become customers.

Our strategy is on a person-to-person basis, which allows the consumer an individual service which is tailored to them. Typically this will take place at a place of business, or public event – depending on our clients’ requirements and budgets. We find this method of promotion very effective for our clients because of our integrated sales and marketing programme. When our advisers meet interested customers they create the point of sale there and then. This allows a higher rate of customer conversion because the sale is made at the peak of a consumer’s interest.

Why Choose Us

So why is this beneficial to your business? Well, how many times have you seen an advert, thought about purchasing the product – and then got distracted and forgotten all about it? That is a major concern with traditional indirect marketing. With a highly saturated market, and an overwhelming choice of TV and radio channels, consumers have become immune to all but the most attention-seeking adverts. We find that consumers are more engaged when interacting with another human being, and more likely to remember a face than a poster or TV advert.

We promote our clients’ products and services in an informative and friendly manner which is specific to them.

In fact, we are so confident in our ability to generate customers that unlike the majority of marketing firms, we only charge our clients upon delivery of new customers. So our clients can rest assured that we will always deliver what we promise and are guaranteed a cost-effective service.


Why Our Strategies Work
How does this approach benefit the consumer? People buy from people, it’s a simple fact.

With that in mind we present the highest level of customer service. In times of economic strife, people are careful with their money. This doesn’t mean that they are adverse to spending, but rather that they want to be making the right choices – not just in terms of getting the best deal, but also which company truly values its customers. We provide a personal approach which focuses on the individual and what aspect of the product or service affects them. They can ask any questions and request information from our sales advisers there and then.

After all, when was the last time you had a conversation with a billboard?