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Ace your next public speaking engagement using Market Source’s how to guide

Ace your next public speaking engagement using Market Source’s how to guide

Rhode Island-based direct marketing agency, Market Source believes that there are few skills that will bring more opportunities in life than the ability to speak well in public and they are passionate about sharing their experience to help others. 

The mere mention of public speaking can induce fear for some.  At Market Source, public speaking is one of the many skills that they teach their employees and they believe it is a vital skill for every entrepreneur to learn.

Here the firm has revealed the seven secrets to mastering the art of public speaking.

  1. Intend to move people to action. Every speech should have a purpose and should be a call to action claims Market Source. The firm argues that people must know what they want their audience to do after hearing the speech.
  1. Make a strong introduction. At Market Source they state that the key to delivering a good speech is to start strongly. They recommend sharing a personal story, quote or a statistic, something that captivates the audience and gets them hooked.
  1. Practice. Market Source are strong believers of the philosophy that practice makes perfect. The firm encourages people to rehearse out loud with all the equipment they plan to use and to pause, breathe and lastly to use a clock to check timing.
  1. Relax. Nerves can get the best of some people when it comes to addressing a room full of people. At Market Source they teach their employees to take deep breaths and to be well prepared.
  1. Frequent Pauses. At Market Source they recommend taking regular pauses at key moments in order to make the audience aware of important information.
  1. Smile. Smiling is infectious and it also portrays happiness and confidence claims Market Source. “People don’t want to engage with someone who looks miserable. An audience will be captivated by someone who looks like they have a genuine enthusiasm for the subject they are speaking about and smiling can go a long way to portraying that,” said a spokesperson for the firm.
  1. Get experience. There is a famous quote by Helen Hayes: “The expert in anything was once a beginner.” It’s only logical that to become confident at doing something and to hone the skill, it requires practice. At Market Source they encourage budding entrepreneurs to take every opportunity available to speak and listen to other speakers.

At Market Source they are supporters of entrepreneurship and they are passionate about teaching entrepreneurial skills to their employees, setting them up for future success in the business world.

Market Source is an innovative direct marketing agency based in Rhode Island. The firm develops campaigns that solve traditional business problems and transform the way their clients communicate.  At Market Source they take a strategic approach and work collaboratively with clientele to focus on getting big results. The firm uses in-person marketing as a promotional tool as they believe it is the most effective way to reach large volumes of people. The firm’s management team regularly hosts speaking engagements and effective public speaking is something that they are committed to teaching their employees.

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